Redefining Our Way: Whole-Person Caring

Redefining Our Way: The Model of Whole-Person Caring

In the Model of Whole-Person Caring (WPC) we define person as ". . . an energy field that is open, infinite and spiritual in essence and in continual mutual process with the environment.  Each person manifests unique physical, mental, emotional and social/relational patterns that are interrelated, inseparable and continually evolving."

This article talks about how the WPC model evolved and some of the spiritual concepts that are foundational to caring and healing.  One of the major differences between this model and other biomedical and psychosocial models is that the WPC model purports that the "spiritual dimension" is the "foundation" of our being rather than a mere "aspect" of our being.

As we learn to see ourselves as beings that are infinite and sacred in nature, we begin to treat ourselves and others with greater reverance, allowing for more caring and loving relationships.

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Citation: Thornton, L. (2003). The model of whole-person caring: re-defining our way, Bridges , International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine, 14 (2) 1-4.

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