A Day of Hope and Renewal

Day of Renewal

A Day of Hope and Renewal is symbolized by a blossoming rose as an illustration of embracing change as a path of transformation.

"...and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
-Anais Nin

This program revitalizes and renews participant's enthusiasm for their work and profession. It is a response to help staff deal with the many challenges and changes that they are encountering and providing tools to assist them  in dealing effectively with the increasing workloads and stress that is occurring in their hospitals and organizations.

Program Fee: $2,500 per workshop: Maximum of 25 participants

Book Fee: $20 per person

Other Costs: Travel (airfare or mileage), Hotel and Meals for one instructor

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Recommended by the Nursing Executive Center, Washington, D.C.

Cited as a program to help retain nursing staff  by "improving coping skills and relieving stress". Reversing the Flight of Talent , Volume II, The Advisory Board Company, Washington, D.C. 2000

Participant Comments:

"I would recommend this type of seminar to any hospital during these times.  Expectation of high patient satisfaction is becoming the benchmark for quality.  The nurses hold the key and need to be shored up to accomplish their difficult work.  The staff cannot say enough about you and your presentation."  Assistant Director of Inpatient Services, TRCH, Oregon.

"Very uplifting, you could just feel the energy and positive spirit all around you."  Staff nurse, TRCH, Oegon.

"Really enjoyed the class - it was a welcome and different way of looking at healthcare and life - wonderful!"  Clinician, CPMC, San Francisco, CA.

"Excellent - very renewing.  Everybody should receive this workshop!"  Staff nurse, CPMC, San Francisco, CA.

"Creating a caring and healing environment for our patients is difficult to achieve in our current work environment.  I learned that increasing our awareness of ourselves and involving patients in their care creates an environment for healing to occur.  Before loving and caring for others it is important to love and care for myself." Nurse mangager, Scripps, San Diego, CA.

"Outstanding - incredibly authentic!"  Staff nurse, Scripps, San Diego, CA.

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