Awards and Recognitions

Awards and Recognitions

"Norman Cousins Award"
The implementation of the Model of Whole-Person™ at Three Rivers Community Hospital played a significant role in the hospital receivng the 2004 Norman Cousins Award.  This award, given by the Fetzer Institute, is named for writer and humanitarian Norman Cousins, who through his life and work, called attention to the importance of relationships to health and healing.  The award and its $25,000 prize acknowledges one health care project each year that significantly focuses on relationships.

The hospital utilized the model and associated programs to help create a caring  environment.  Over a seven year period the hospital staff  particpated in several "Days of Renewal", "Creating A Healing Environment" seminars and the "Certificate Program for Transformational Healthcare Leadership".    These programs encouraged employees to care for themselves and to establish healthy ways of being, relating, and caring for others.    The interdisciplinary approach of the model and educational programs helped to create healing relationships among  the patients, staff, volunteers and practitioners.  Such an environment contributed to increased patient satisfaction, staff awards for excellence in patient care, and a nurse retention rate well above the national average.

"Nursing Executive Center"

The Nursing Executive Center of the Advisory Board in Washington D.C. recommended the "Day of Renewal" in their publication "Reversing the Flight of Talent, Volume II".   The Center cited the program in helping to retain nursing staff by improving nurses' ability to cope with stressful situations in the work environment.

"Professional Excellence in Healthcare Leadership Award"

The Oregon Association for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems awarded Three Rivers Community Hospital the "Professional Excellence in Healthcare Leadership Award" based on the work accomplished by the nursing staff involved in creating a healing  environment.  The staff  implemented the interdisciplinary Model of Whole-Person Caring and achieved patient satisfaction scores in the mid  90 percentile rank.  

"Innovation in the Workplace Award" 

The Southern Oregon Regional Development Council Award for "Innovation in the Workplace" was presented to Three Rivers Community Hospital for their work in creating a healing environment using the Model of Whole-Person Caring.

"Samueli Institute"

The Model of Whole-Person Caring ™ was recommended by the Samueli Institute's Nursing Forum on Optimal Healing Environments in their 2009 environmental  report.  The Model was cited as an innovative program that corresponds to their criteria of: developing healing intention, experiencing personal wholeness, cultivating healing relationships, practicing healthy lifestyles and creating healing organizations. 

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