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Bring Whole Person Caring Into Your Hospital, 
Clinic, School, or Community Now!

An excellent resource for those wanting to bring healing  and vitality into their lives and work. Concepts of  self-compassion, self-care and self-healing; therapuetic partnering; transformational leadership  and spirituality are brought to life in WholePerson Caring.

Easily and immediately integrate whole-person caring concepts into schools and courses of study.  An excellent text for students and faculty in nursing, medical, and allied health care classes dealing with optimal wellness, healing, integrative practice, and creating healing environments and cultures.  

"Finally, a book that puts together what health and healing are reallly about!  It describes simply, thoroughly, and brilliantly how to achieve well-being through whole-person caring.  This book will change how we view health, and it will help create healing for both patients and providers.  I loved this book! " --- 

Bill Manahan, MD, Past President of AHMA

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