Creating a Healing Environment

Creating a Healing Environment

An experiential, practical, life changing,  two-day course designed for:

  • Individuals committed to creating healthy patterns in the way they think, eat, exercise, communicate, relate and work.
  • Organizations seeking to provide an ongoing in-house program to create and sustain a healthy workforce and work environment.
  • Organizations wanting to distinguish themselves through quality service and compassionate care.
  • Hospitals and healthcare organizations seeking to create, enhance and sustain an integrative, complementary and holistic approach to patient care.             
  • Educational and healthcare systems committed to creating healing environments for their staff, clients and communities -- useful for nurses, physicians, teachers, administrators, managers, patients, and students.

This two day seminar introduces partipants to healthy and wholesome ways of living, being and working. The seminar is highly experiential and helps participants create patterns in their lives that are useful for  personal and professional health and well-being.

Program Fee:   $5,000 USD per two day program: Maximum of 25 participants 

Book Fee: $20/per participant

Other Costs: Travel (airfare or mileage); Hotel and Meals for one instructor.

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Participant Comments:

"The program has been a wonderful addition to our staff education.  Coupling personal and professional growth through a variety of holistic nursing principles and experiential learning topics, the program emphasizes that healthcare provider self-care and wellbeing  is an essential component of excellent patient care.  We’ve heard repeatedly from nurse participants that this program has rekindled their passion for patient care and nursing as a profession."  (Danna Park, MD, FAAP  Medical Director, Integrative Healthcare Program,  Asheville, NC)

"This program was the highlight of my nursing career. Not only did I have an awesome learning opportunity I was able to have immense personal and professional growth. It refreshed my passion for nursing. I leave this retreat a different nurse, a different wife, a different mother, a different woman. Thank you for helping me come to this wonderful place in my life. I only wish every nurse could have this experience." (Staff nurse, Mission Hospital, Asheville, NC
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