Certificate Program in Healthcare

Certificate Program in Transformational Healthcare Leadership: Comprised of Three Courses

Course I:  Whole-Person Caring

This two-day on-site program explores the concepts of Whole-Person Caring and helps awaken participants to healthy lifestyle practices.  Participants are provided with tools to enhance their own well being and to create a healthier work and patient care environment.

Program Fee: $5,000 USD per two day program: Maximum of 25 Participants per workshop.

Book Fee: $20 per person                  

Other Costs: Travel (airfare or mileage) Hotel and Meals for one instructor.

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Course II:  Personal  Integration  

This self-paced course of study involves the integration of key concepts related to Whole-Person Caring in participants' personal and professional lives.  Participants are provided with the opportunity to deepen their understanding and synthesis of concepts presented in Course I.  This independent, self-paced program can be completed within 4-6 months and will be guided by a faculty mentor.  This course must be completed a minimum of one month prior to attending Course III. 

Program Cost:  $500 per person

Book Fee: $20

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Course III:  Transforming the Healthcare Environment

This two-day on-site program offers participants the opportunity to become active mentors in transforming their healthcare environment.  Participants learn ways to serve as healthy role models as they embody concepts of transformational healthcare leadership.  Therapeutic partnering, holistic communication, shared governance and a variety of other concepts are explored in depth, and stategies for workplace implementation are discussed.

Program Fee: $5000 USD per two day program: Maximum of 25 participants per workshop

Book Fee:  $20 per person

Other Costs:   Travel (Airfare or Mileage) Hotel and Meals for one instructor

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Nationally Recognized

Recognized by industry leaders for its effectiveness in facilitating patient-centered care, exemplifying healthcare leadership, and creating healing environments. Demonstrated value in:

  • Increasing Patient Satisfaction
  • Decreasing Nursing Turnover
  • Increasing Staff Morale
  • Facilitating the Integration of Organizational Values

The Certificate Program in Transformational Healthcare Leadership creates healthy patterns of being, behaving, communicating and relating in participants' lives and workplace.  Didactic and experiential teachings are incorporated into this comprehensive, holistic, interdisciplinary program that inspires the integration of caring and healing concepts into personal and professional practice. 

The program received the last  Norman Cousins Award  for patient-centered care that was given by the Fetzer Institute and has been recognized by the Samueli Insitute as a program for creating optimal healing environments. 

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