Transcending Differences

Transcending Differences: A Holistic Approach

A Holistic Approach to Communication

With today's globalization and the ever increasing interaction between people of diverse cultures, the need to adopt behaviors and practices that are more inclusive, tolerant and understanding becomes accentuated. 

Learning to engage our observer, practicing centering techniques and incorporating self-reflective practices are some of the things we can do to create a deeper relationship with and understanding of ourselves.  As we learn to connect with our own transcendent nature we can establish that connection with others. 

Holistic communication is distinguished by the depth and profound quality of "presence."  Jean Watson speaks of the "full use of self" in the transpersonal caring process.  As we learn to become heart-centered our capacity to connect with another at a deep psychosocial, heartfelt and spiritual level is enhanced.  View This Article.

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Citation:  Thornton, L. (2008), Transcending differences; a holistic approach, Imprint , 55(5)46-48.

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